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Luminary's CAR-T Therapies

Disruptive. Lucrative. Rich with potential.

Our therapies will disrupt established commercial markets (i.e., Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma therapies) and develop new untapped markets for autoimmune disease (i.e., Systematic Scleroderma using CAR-T therapies). The revenue potential is impressive.

BAFF CAR-T Market Potential

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma – $50M
Systematic Scleroderma – $340M

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma – 3rd line treatment
  • Established $1B commercial market today
  • ~25% of patients relapse due to Antigen Escape
  • 5% market share = $50M in revenue potential
Systematic Scleroderma
  • Currently no curative treatment – TAM of ~10,000 patients per year
  • 10% market share = $340M in revenue potential
Universal Receptor Market Potential

Treatment of solid tumors – $2.8B

Universal Receptor platform for solid tumors – 3rd line treatment
  • The American Cancer Society, the leading body in cancer statistics and figures,
    reports 1,685,210 estimated new cancer cases and 595,690 deaths per year
  • 3rd line treatment typically 10% of patients = 168,521 TAM treatment
  • 5% market share = $2.8B revenue potential
CEO of Luminary Therapeutics, Jeff Liter, speaks to the NIH about Luminary’s unique investor value proposition

Capturing even a small percentage of the lymphoma and solid tumor markets drives impressive revenue potential.