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We engineer immune cells to be warriors


Our Gamma 2.0+ platform decreases dosing delays while improving manufacturing economies of scale. It is designed to cost effectively deliver large, complex DNA cargo. And, combined with our cloaking technology evades T and NK cell clearance.
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Allogeneic Gamma 2.0+ Platform

Allogeneic is the holy grail. We have broken the code.

Gamma Delta Vδ1 and Vδ2 T cells

Patients need “off the shelf” therapies to reduce time for treatment and cure. Allogeneic solutions are being highly sought. Luminary Therapeutic’s promising Gamma 2.0+ platform is currently in nonclinical evaluation. Expansion rates are high; in vivo pilot studies are underway. Results are very promising.

Unlike other single subset approaches, our Gamma 2.0+ platform is a two subset (Vδ1 and Vδ2) solution creating double the response to cancer killing that is both innate and adaptive.


Immune Cloaking Capabilities

Our novel “stealth” immune cloaking approach reduces both MHC class I & II. These stealth cells evade both T and NK cell targeting. This approach does not require nuclease editing (e.g., B2M knockout). These cells are highly functional.

Non-Viral Gene Modification Process

Compared to virus-based systems, non-viral gene editing systems have dramatically changed the manufacturing landscape and improved safety. With higher integration rates and faster manufacturing cycles, these systems are rapidly gaining acceptance in the industry. Luminary Therapeutics utilizes a non-viral gene editing system, TcBuster, to manufacture CAR-T cells. TcBuster was developed by B-MoGen, a company formed by the founders of Luminary, and sold to Bio-Techne prior to the creation of Luminary.

Benefits of TcBuster’s non-viral gene modification:

  • Allows for stable integration of large cargo (>10kb)
  • Preferred integration profile compared to retro/lentiviral vectors
  • Generated GMP grade tranposon reagents in <4 months
  • Lower engineering cost than viral vectors by 75-90%